Trying to unbrick my router

One of my Buffalo brand routers has been behaving strangely these days. I suspected a bug in the DD-WRT firmware so I decided to update it.

But somehow it did not accept any of the firmware update files I gave. I tried all the recent revisions of DD-WRT, even tried a level of downgrading but still no luck.

Then I decided to flash the router manually with mtd.

I downloaded OpenWRT squashfs release and flashed it. But since then the router didn’t boot up.

I had to disassemble it in order to repair it.

The exact model name is WZR-HP-G450H. It had hexagonial screws but it didn’t matter to me as I do carry the screwdrivers for it.


Anyway I opened it up.

According to the OpenWRT wiki there are serial ports located at the top


I soldered it.

Then started minicom and tftpd. After numerous tries I found that my router only accepts firmware during initial boot, after printing the offeset message.

I tried:

1. OpenWRT image from the wiki
2. Unencrypted original firmware
3. taking a full mtd dump from another router and writing it to this router

But none of them worked so far, I also tried changing the region by altering environment variables but it didnt have any effect.

Everything fails with “Bad magic number” message.

I guess something is seriously wrong with my u-boot…

North Korean English Radio Broadcaset

Today I found this channel whlile skimming for HF frequencies caught on my USRP.
It was playing an interview of a european woman complimenting about the politic system of North Korea.
Following was the english translation of it, by seemingly a north korean english speaker.

This channel usually plays North Korean music, but they also broadcast propaganda stuff time to time.
The South Korean government jams other North Korean broadcasting stations, but this one was somehow left untouched.

게임영상편집 팁[미리보기 재설정]

게임영상편집 많이하시는분들,

막상 영상 촬영폴더로 들어가보면


이런식으로 미리보기가 전부 앞부분이라서 어떤게 어떤 영상인지 구별하기 힘드셨죠?

이를 해결할수 있는 좋은 프로그램이 있습니다.

Media Preview라고 동영상 미리보기 설정을 바꿔주는 프로그램을 이용하면 됩니다.
프리웨어라 사용제한도 없고 기능도 많습니다.

우선 최신버젼을 다운받으셔서 설치하시고


설정 커스터마이즈 버튼을 누른뒤에 Position Seek를 90% 정도나 그 이상으로 설정해 영상의 끝부분을 미리보기로 지정하고 적용 버튼을 누릅니다.


그리고 해당되는 영상 종류를 지정해 주시구요 적용 버튼을 눌러줍시다


그러면 당장 폴더에 들어가도 전에 이미 생성된 미리보기만 보일텐데요, 미리보기 캐쉬를 삭제해서 새로운 미리보기가 생성되게 해줍니다.


다 끝난후 이제 다시 폴더에 들어가보면 미리보기만 딱 봐도 어떤 장면인지 감이 오실겁니다. 불편하게 일일히 열어볼필요 없습니다.