Steam Desktop Authenticator

I made an application for windows that can generate 2FA codes for Steam. Available on github:


MiniSteamAuthenticator accepts Base32 encoded Steam shared secret as used in Aegis or andOTP. You can use steamctl to generate the shared secret.

  1. Install steamctl

    pip install steamctl

  2. Generate an authentication token using steamctl

    steamctl authenticator add

  3. Export saved authentication token as a QR code

    steamctl authenticator qrcode YOUR_USERNAME

  4. Scan the QR code with an external application. It will be formatted like this:


  5. Copy the secret value and add it to the configuration .ini file.



5 thoughts on “Steam Desktop Authenticator”

  1. Dear Metinum

    Sir, could you please send me the recovery dump? KT wireless
    I am using it as a custom, but whenever I restore it, the
    NAND position seems to be twisted ;;
    I think I’ll have to cover it with the original dump and install the Kerperm from the beginning.
    KT wireless

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