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Fix slow printing dialog with CUPS network printers

A week ago I decided to make use of the HP deskjet 1010 that I received for free when I bought my microserver.

It is pretty basic one but supports color and prints fairly fast. But the only problem I had with it is that the USB cable is too short so that I have to take my laptop near the printer every time I wanted to print something.
So I decided to connect the printer to my old server box and set up CUPS for printing over the network.

Everything went through fine but after I installed the printer opening the printer dialog box took an eternity every time I tried using it.

The problem seems to lie in the IPP handler of Windows. Somehow there is a bug in Windows that makes IPP settings and Windows internet security settings get mixed up resulting delays.

Adding the CUPS server to Internet Explorer’s Intranet zone can be a workaround.

Open Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet options and add the following:

2016-03-31 17_47_23-Blank Page

where the address is the CUPS server’s IP address. You may skip this step if the printer is in your LAN but I decided to do it anyway.

Then go to LAN settings and uncheck “Automatically detect settings”

2016-03-31 18_05_27-Blank Page

It will fix most of the problems.