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I am a manatee.




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  1. Dear sir, I am utmost appreciative of your icc profile uploads and have taken time today to express that.
    The trouble is you see I’m in an area where 5500k is the ideal.
    Now I am but a poor peasant without the tech to do for self, and my berry crop is but a fledgling of the ol Groneewagons farm. Bastards .Perhaps if you find a sunday afternoon meander perhaps you could think of me and upload a warm light profile.

    Sincerely, the sincerest berry farmer.

      1. 헉…. 당시 동영상도 삭제되다 시피하고 그 이후가 궁금했는데… 이렇게 다시 보게 되네요. 힛갤보고 설마 설마 했는데… 대단하십니다.

      2. GSM으로 마나넷 만들었던 이야기 더 자세히 포스팅 해 주시면 안될까요?… 어떻게 만드는지 너무 궁금했습니다. -,.-;

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