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  1. hello manatails i have the 165g router at home but i don’t have a BTS installer and can’t find it in the internet, can you send me the BTS installer? much appreciated thanks.

    btw i’m a newbie my uncle just gave me this router and i don’t know how to configure it. I just followed your reset NVRAM tutorial and I’m stuck in the blinking red and green phase.

    1. This device is a BTS, not a router. It is intended for running a cellular network which uses licensed radio bands. Using such bands without a license is strictly illegal and might get one in jail. If you don’t know what you are doing it is better not to mess with it.

  2. hi!
    We bought ip.access nano bts recently with the thuraya ip and I am searching for ip.access bts installer and found nothing. can you please help me. Thanks

  3. Hello,

    Im looking for the commissioning user name and password for this AP to try using it with osmo-IUH.

    Thank you.

    PS nice blog.

  4. Very instructive Blog indeed, and easy to read too.


    I have recently moved to a new house, where GSM coverage was very poor in my remote location.

    to fix the problem, my telecom&internet provider has installed a GSM antenna identical to ip.access Nano BTS described in your blog page (it’s plugged into my router/modem)

    my 2G network is working a lot better, but, I’ve noticed, my internet data consumption is a lot more than in my previous house.

    if I were living on a big continent with unlimited internet access I would not even bother, but I stay on a tiny island with limited data internet packages, our average internet package allowance is 19 GB per month (up and down all together) :-((

    So after switching all devices in the house, to look for a possible data leakage, I’ve found out that even when all devices are switched off and in plane mode, the antenna itself is using 5,625Mo/hour, it seems ridiculous but, overall, that represents 4 Go per month, equivalent to almost a 1/4 of my internet package allowance.

    I’ve run another test, using the mobile phone during one hour (antenna ON of course), and it seems
    that the antenna is twice more greedy while you are using a GSM.

    I understand completely that the antenna is fulfilling the purpose why it’s built for, and it works very well,

    I am simply wondering if you can help me confirm my test results ? or if there is a way to make a screen capture of the data usage while the antenna is ON ? on maybe there are some settings to help me reduce the consumption ? because I need more proof before I claim my case with my telecom/internet provider,
    I will simply ask them to support me.

    for the information, the antenna is boosting the GSM signal, not only to me, but also my mid-range neighborhood, so each time a neighbor spend hours on the phone, it affect my internet usage.

    the only way I’ve found so far to lower the internet data leakage, is to power the antenna with a timer, in order to reduce and monitor the usage hours, but this solution cannot be a permanent solution.

    thanks for all the help you can bring me.

    I’ve contacted manufacturer but, they do not have a reply neither a Notice to share with me.



    1. Hello,

      I’ve done some testing and it shows that the unit needs about 210 Ko per hour at minimum with no devices attached to it. Even with connected devices the difference shouldn’t be more than a few kilobytes unless the device is actively using calls or data.
      A GSM call uses about 1-2Ko/s which translates to 3.6-7.2Mo/hr, so your comment about calls causing the BTS to be twice as greedy also seems correct.
      I think you should contact your wireless provider about the settings. You shouldn’t be paying for someone else’s services.


  5. thanks for your help, and your fair test.
    It’s so true, I did think about my outgoings calls, and my close neighbors calls, but I didn’t even took in consideration : the receiving calls too…

    thanks again. I’ve contacted them, I am in the long process of waiting now.

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