7 thoughts on “ip.access nanoBTS installer/ Network Listen screenshots”

  1. hello manatails i have the 165g router at home but i don’t have a BTS installer and can’t find it in the internet, can you send me the BTS installer? much appreciated thanks.

    btw i’m a newbie my uncle just gave me this router and i don’t know how to configure it. I just followed your reset NVRAM tutorial and I’m stuck in the blinking red and green phase.

    1. This device is a BTS, not a router. It is intended for running a cellular network which uses licensed radio bands. Using such bands without a license is strictly illegal and might get one in jail. If you don’t know what you are doing it is better not to mess with it.

  2. hi!
    We bought ip.access nano bts recently with the thuraya ip and I am searching for ip.access bts installer and found nothing. can you please help me. Thanks

  3. Hello,

    Im looking for the commissioning user name and password for this AP to try using it with osmo-IUH.

    Thank you.

    PS nice blog.

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