Simple FM receiver with Gnuradio UHD

I wrote a simple FM receiver for Gnuradio SDR.

Screenshot from 2014-09-08 22:03:32

The example files on the ettus website are for Gnuradio =< 3.6 which has depreciated function names, so they won't work with the newest version. This one has updated labels so it will work with 3.7 and above. For use with an UHD based USRP. Download: fm_rx.grc

One thought on “Simple FM receiver with Gnuradio UHD”

  1. Hi
    I used this example with GNURadio3.7 and my USRP B100 board but I doesn’t work.
    I’m not able to detect audio from FM station and the spectrum seems to be not ok (attenuation).

    Please, could you help.

    Best regards,

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