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  1. Hi!

    I read your other article on how you were able to give yourself the Amaura gift.

    I’ll be honest, pretty much all of it went over my head as I know very little about networking / hacking. From what I could tell though, it was pretty impressive!

    So, my question is: is there any hope of a total ‘beginner’ like myself getting these mystery gifts to my 2DS? I’ve been scouring Google for the past hour or two, and this is the most recent working Mystery Gift spoof/proxy type thing I’ve been able to find. I’d ask for these files but I have no idea what I’d do with them, or where to even start to get them into my game.

    Either way, that’s super cool.


    1. Hello,
      thanks for your interest in my project.

      But I am afraid that setting up a private server may not be very feasible for beginners. The setup that I am using involves modifying essential parts of the 3DS itself and setting up the server on 3 different physical machines… And the way nintendo set up those servers are very confusing so you’ll need some knowledge before you can get down to it, let alone starting from scratch…

      1. Thank You!!! Also Manatails i am really interested in the Pokemon Mystery Gift Private Server! I have all the technical tools for it so could you please send or reply with a link to the source code or something?

        Best Regards

        1. If you have all the technical tools it is the best to code it on your own… I have described pretty much everything in my post and it is not that difficult to make a server emulator as their responses are limited. My current code is also very primitive and you might not be able to run it without some understanding of pokemon protocol.

  2. Hi there,

    Awesome blog posts so far, been interesting reading them.

    Don’t suppose i could have a copy of the codes emailed over to me too please?

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