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nanoBTS reset procedure

This tutorial is for those who need to reset their nanoBTS units for redeployment.

Originally each nanoBTS unit comes with a little reset dongle. But the dongle isn’t very special – it is just a proprietary connector with pins 9-10 connected to each other.

A screwdriver can do the exactly same thing, all you need to do is to short out pins 9 and 10 of the TIB-IN connector.
The TIB connectors of nanoBTS are a modified RJ69 connector. Refer to the following image for pin locations:


You need to short out the rightmost two pins of the plug.


Video tutorial for 165 series

Video tutorial for 110 series


Disclaimer : This tutorial is not sponsored nor endorsed by ip.access and I am not in anyway associated with ip.access. Please do not contact me for sales inquiry.


ip.access nanoBTS pictures

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These are the picocells from ip.access ltd.


A 165 model (supports EDGE). Front.


165 model without lid


Ports, there is a separate port for 48v power.


Back. With wall-mount brackets


A 110 model.


110 model without lid.


110 model ports.