nanoBTS reset procedure

This tutorial is for those who need to reset their nanoBTS units for redeployment.

Originally each nanoBTS unit comes with a little reset dongle. But the dongle isn’t very special – it is just a proprietary connector with pins 9-10 connected to each other.

A screwdriver can do the exactly same thing, all you need to do is to short out pins 9 and 10 of the TIB-IN connector.
The TIB connectors of nanoBTS are a modified RJ69 connector. Refer to the following image for pin locations:


You need to short out the rightmost two pins of the plug.


Video tutorial for 165 series

Video tutorial for 110 series


Disclaimer : This tutorial is not sponsored nor endorsed by ip.access and I am not in anyway associated with ip.access. Please do not contact me for sales inquiry.


ip.access nanoBTS pictures

These are the picocells from ip.access ltd.
They only sell the individual units to authorized clients, so getting one out for sale can be quite difficult. But from time to time there are some deals.
The price of a nanoBTS cannot be revealed due to an NDA(Non-Disclosure Agreement).


A 165 model (supports EDGE). Front.


165 model without lid


Ports, there is a separate port for 48v power.


Back. With wall-mount brackets


A 110 model.


110 model without lid.


110 model ports.

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